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It is my goal that you can see what an amazing company Mary Kay Cosmetics is. The “Pink Bubble” which we are a part of is unique and compares to nothing in the business world today. You would be a in a heart-felt, Christian based, successful, fun yet extremely powerful Mary Kay family should you decide to become an Allison AllStar! We are a TOP Unit in all of Mary Kay and in the TOP 10 in Minnesota. We would love to have you!

There sure are! Mary Kay happens to be one of the only companies that offer a career car to independent beauty consultants, without having to be in the management level. Take a look at this line up! Plus, you will always have the option to take CASH if you choose to instead of taking the car. We love having choices!

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Mary Kay Cosmetics is a Company which was founded by Mary Kay Ash is 1963. Mary Kay Cosmetics mission is to enrich women’s lives. And what an honor it is to do so. I love this career and honestly so does everyone who is apart of this organization. We love helping women feel great about themselves whether it be by simply experiencing a facial or by sharing this amazing career opportunity. Mary Kay Cosmetics allows women to live with God first, Family second and Career third. And whether you are looking for something to do as a simple side-hustle, or be a boss babe with a six figure income career, you have found the dream Company to be a part of, trust me.

To begin your business with Mary Kay Cosmetics, you will be purchasing a starter kit for $100 plus shipping of $8.95 and your local sales tax. Your starter kit has everything you need to get your business started and includes the following items which can have a value of being well over $400.

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To begin your business and become an independent beauty consultant, you have 3 fabulous options today! 

You can start with a $30 eStart, a $130 FULL STARTER KIT plus eStart, and you also have the option to order a $45 sample pack add on! 

You can simply submit  your Applicaiton to join my team by emailing me, texting me or calling me with the following information: 

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • 10 digit phone number 

I will then send you a link via email where you can sign up in just minutes. Mary Kay Cosmetics will have it shipped to you in just a matter of a few days! You will be so excited to dig into it when you see it land on your door step! 

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The income you have the opportunity to earn is endless in Mary Kay. And anyone who has skin is a potential customer! Whether you want to make an extra $50 a week or an extra $100,000 or more a year, Mary Kay Cosmetics has the opportunity for you to have it all. We make one of the highest profit percentages in the direct selling industry today – 50%!!  And, with the national average being close to 25%, Mary Kay is a smart choice!  I love that we sell a high quality consumable product that is used not once, but often twice a day. Therefore, people run out of it and need more. And, since giving great customer service and building relationships with women is a top priority for us, we have reorder business for years from these loyal customers.

You can also earn commissions by sharing the business with other women. What I so love about our company is that we do not make money off of each other. We are NOT a pyramid or multi-level company. All commissions are paid directly out of the company’s pocket, not ours! 

You are trained by the best and that is me.  In addition, you will have access to the amazing support provided from Mary Kay Cosmetics on our InTouch website. It is amazing what incredible training and tools are available at your fingertips to help you develop a successful business. The training is designed for what works best for you, your goals and, of course, your schedule. And regardless if you are local to me or not, we have the most powerful weekly success events to plug into. These events are your support system, they are inspirational, and filled with recognition and training on a weekly basis. They say “If you have had a great week, the event needs you, and if you have had a not so great week, you need the event” and it is so true.

This “trophy on wheels” is our signature and is what many people will ask you about when they hear you are in Mary Kay. You can tell them yours is on order!  To earn the use of a Mary Kay Career Car, you and your team of Consultants need to meet certain requirements. 

When I began my MK business, I asked Betty, who ended up becoming my mother-in-law, if I could paint the pink Cadillac when the company gives me one? She replied, “No, but you can drive them at night when they look beige.” I laughed because I knew there was no way I could ever drive one. And now, the joke is on me as we are driving our 7th Pink Cadillac and have earned the use of 15 cars over the past 26 years. This one perk alone has afforded our family the savings of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in car expenses!  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to connect with you.

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